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Cappers NFL Handicapping Features

The Cappers web application offers a comprehensive range of tools and great value for NFL bettors and handicappers. It allows users to analyze team statistics, track changes in betting odds, assess betting system outcomes, review team ATS (against–the–spread) records, and more. With Cappers, you can elevate your NFL betting experience and streamline your process, ultimately saving time.

Betting System Results

Experience immediate outcomes from a variety of established NFL betting strategies. Stop wasting time collecting information and inputting it into different betting equations or spreadsheets. Cappers delivers results from numerous respected NFL betting systems with just one click.

NFL Pat Duffy betting system result
NFL betting system results

AI Game Analysis from ChatGPT

Cappers harnesses cutting-edge ChatGPT technology to produce astute suggestions for point spreads, money line, and over under bets. We compile vital data for every game, such as current and past season statistics, injuries, weather predictions, betting odds, and additional details. With this data in hand, we formulate a prompt for the ChatGPT bot. The bot then scrutinizes this wealth of information and delivers tailored betting advice.

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NFL Game Public Betting Trends

Understanding the stance of both seasoned sports bettors and the wider betting community on a game is incredibly significant. The professionals' positions can be gauged by observing where the overall money percentage is being placed, while the general public's positions are indicated by the percentage of total bets made. Cappers showcases this data for each game across three primary betting types: point spreads, money lines, and over under totals. Armed with this knowledge, we have developed multiple successful betting systems.

  • Fade the Public
  • Line Movement Trends
  • Pros and Joes Agree
  • Follow the Money
A screenshot of public betting trends for an NFL game

Compare Odds from Multiple Sportsbooks

It can be beneficial to compare the game odds provided by various prominent sportsbooks when deciding on a bet. Cappers consistently gather point spreads, money line head-to-head odds, and over-under lines from a range of sources such as Pinnacle, DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and others. This enables bettors and handicappers to assess the value of the odds they are considering.

A screenshot of NFL game odds given by three major sportsbooks

NFL Game Line Movements

Analyzing the shifts in betting lines for NFL games is an incredibly valuable resource for those placing bets and making predictions. These movements are often influenced by significant wagers, institutional investments, player injuries, and other new information that could greatly affect the game's outcome. Cappers constantly monitors betting lines from various sources such as Pinnacle, DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and others to track the evolution of these lines over time.

A screenshot of NFL game line movements by three major sportsbooks

Important Team Information

Upon submission of the game form, Cappers offers comprehensive details, including data, projections, and links for each NFL team. Whether you seek instant access to a team's conference / division, wish to examine the most recent statistical forecasts for their divisional victory prospects and anticipated win count, or desire to conduct further external research on the team's roster, depth chart, and schedule, Cappers presents all this information prominently and conveniently.

A screenshot of NFL team information, links, and projections

Recent NFL Team Statistics

Cappers offers an array of team statistics for each team across various time frames. At the beginning of each season, you can access cumulative data from past seasons. Once the season is underway, statistics from the latest game and a select few recent games are compiled and presented. These figures hold considerable importance when evaluating NFL matchups.

A screenshot of NFL team stats

NFL Team Against The Spread Records

Prior to making any NFL betting decisions, it's important to assess a team's performance against the point spread in various scenarios. Cappers offers comprehensive ATS results for each NFL team, covering overall performance, as favorites, underdogs, on the road, at home, as road favorites and underdogs, and as home favorites and underdogs from previous and current seasons. This data can be valuable in informing betting choices.

A screenshot of NFL team ATS records

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Cappers provides an extensive sports handicapping service, delivering AI analysis from ChatGPT, expected value calculations, public betting trends, line movement graphs, betting system outcomes, and additional resources to assist sports bettors in making well-informed choices.

Yes! Feel free to take a 3-day trial of our platform to make the most of its expected value calculations, AI analysis, data, and betting systems before making a purchase. If you decide to cancel within 3 days, you won't incur any charges.

Cappers leverages cutting-edge ChatGPT models to assess games and offer astute betting suggestions. Our process involves feeding the ChatGPT bot vital details about each team's performance in the current and past seasons, as well as factors such as injuries and weather forecasts. Using this data, the bot generates advice on point spread, money line, and over under bets.

No. Our subscribers enjoy unlimited access to all active sports, systems, and data at all times. There are no limits placed on your experience when you subscribe.

Cappers currently supports expected value calculations, AI analysis, public betting trends, line movement graphs, betting systems, and other tools for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA Men's Basketball handicapping.

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