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How to improve your MLB handicapping process with Cappers.

Major League Baseball (MLB) led the charge in adopting modern sports analytics, ushering in a new era for data-driven decision-making in sports. The abundance of baseball analytics has proven advantageous not only for teams, but also for those involved in handicapping and betting on baseball. However, the sheer volume of available data can overwhelm individuals, leading to analysis paralysis as they attempt to discern the most crucial data points when making betting decisions.

Step into the Cappers MLB handicapping engine, where we harness our exclusive MLB databases to gather crucial betting information. This data is then analyzed using 19 distinct MLB betting systems. Alongside presenting the outcomes of each system to our users, we provide essential game details to assist you in making informed MLB wagers.

Step 1: Select the game to handicap

From the home page of the Cappers App you will see a list of games being played that day. The screenshot below was taken during the Summer, so only MLB games were available for that day. However, games from every sport supported by the Cappers App will appear on the home page of the application.

Each item in the list is a link. When you click the link, you are taken to the Cappers MLB handicapping form, and the main details for that game (visiting team, home team, and game date) are automatically entered for you. You also have the option of selecting a game for that date directly from the MLB hadicapping form, or you can choose the teams and date manually.

A screenshot of the Cappers App home page showing a list of MLB games

Step 2: Enter game odds or select from major bookmakers

Cappers regularly polls odds from several major sports books like Pinnacle, DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and others. Once the main details of your game have been entered in the form, our most recent odds from each of these sports books will appear. You then have the option of using the odds provided by one of these sports books, or manually entering the odds provided by your bookmaker of choice. Once the odds have been entered, click the green 'Submit' button at the bottom of the form.

Cappers MLB handicapping form

Step 3: Evaluate data points for the game

Once the form has been submitted, several data sections related to this game will appear on screen. You will see the current–season records and stats for both teams, plus historical head–to–head stats between these teams.

A screenshot showing records and stats from two MLB teams

Next, you will see odds and historical line movements from each of our supported sports books for this game.

A screenshot showing MLB betting odds from major sports books A screenshot showing line changes over time for an MLB team

After the odds section comes the pitchers section. Here you will be able to view the probable pitchers for this game, as well as the MLB pitching leaders for six different categories. In the Probable Pitchers section, a variety of stats are shown for each pitcher, including their current–season stats, last game stats, and personal information. If this pitcher has faced this team earlier this season, stats from that game are also provided.

A screenshot showing stats for the probable starting pitcher in a selected MLB game

MLB pitching leaders for six categories are provided, and these leaders are recalculated every hour to ensure our users are always seeing the most accurate lists. Understanding the pitching matchup between two teams is critical when making an MLB betting decision; the Probable Pitcher stats and MLB Pitching Leaders sections make this evaluation quick and easy.

A screenshot showing MLB pitching leaders from six categories at a given point in time

Step 4: Compare results from each MLB betting system

The Cappers MLB handicapping engine currently calculates results from 19 MLB-specific betting systems, plus several systems derived from public betting trends. A description of the system, as well as the system's result, is provided. Betting recommendations are shown in green, betting considerations are shown in yellow, and no–plays are shown in red.

In some cases, different systems will offer contrasting recommendations, while in other cases, multiple systems will recommend the same bet. Remember, it's always up to you, the educated sports bettor, to make the final call. Blindly betting the results of any system usually isn't the best decision because there is no magic system which wins every game. This is why Cappers provides so many statistics about the teams, probable pitchers, and pitching leaders. If the statistics above the betting systems don't support a recommendation from one of the betting systems, don't play it. However, when everything comes together to tell a sensible story, and it often will, you should bet with confidence.

A screenshot showing MLB betting system results

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Cappers provides an extensive sports handicapping service, delivering AI analysis from ChatGPT, expected value calculations, public betting trends, line movement graphs, betting system outcomes, and additional resources to assist sports bettors in making well-informed choices.

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Cappers leverages cutting-edge ChatGPT models to assess games and offer astute betting suggestions. Our process involves feeding the ChatGPT bot vital details about each team's performance in the current and past seasons, as well as factors such as injuries and weather forecasts. Using this data, the bot generates advice on point spread, money line, and over under bets.

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