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A screenshot from the Cappers App expected value dashboards for a college basketball game

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AI Betting Analysis from ChatGPT

We leverage ChatGPT to assess crucial game data and provide informed suggestions for point spread, money line, and over under bets.


Expected Value Analysis

We identify favorable betting prospects by analyzing odds across multiple sportsbooks, focusing on positive expected value.


Sports Gambling Systems

Receive immediate game results from various established sports betting systems without the need for any data input or research.

AI Game Analysis with ChatGPT

Insightful wagering suggestions generated by cutting-edge ChatGPT technology

We provide the most up-to-date and crucial game details to an AI-powered ChatGPT bot and inquire about its suggestions for betting on the point spread, money line, and total.

  • Utilize the capabilities of AI to optimize your betting choices with intelligent decision-making
  • Receive artificial intelligence suggestions for point spread, money line, and over under betting options
  • Rely on the ChatGPT bot to assess the key details for every game
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Intelligent AI game analysis by ChatGPT

Expected Value Calculations

Discover the Mathematical Advantages available at different sportsbooks using our Expected Value dashboard

We arrive at the expected value by identifying the most equitable and neutral game odds without any vigorish, and then contrasting them with the odds provided by various sportsbooks. Whenever advantageous prospects emerge, we present them on our Expected Value dashboard and game handicapping pages.

  • Gain a mathematical advantage over the sportsbooks
  • Eliminate the pressure of picking winners and depend on mathematics to ensure your success
  • Approach sports betting with the same level of consideration as you would with other investment opportunities
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The Cappers Expected Value dashboard

Sports Betting Systems

Assess outcomes from various Sports Betting Systems simultaneously

In the realm of sports betting, there isn't a one-size-fits-all magic formula, but analyzing the outcomes of various systems for a particular game provides valuable perspectives for those engaged in sports wagering.

  • Analyze the outcomes of various betting strategies for each individual game
  • Gain an understanding of the key data points that carry the most significance in determining the weighting for each individual system
  • Utilize system outcomes to make well-considered choices
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MLB betting system results

Historical Line Movements

Keep track of the changes in betting odds at top sportsbooks for every game using Cappers.

Observing shifts in betting lines offers a significant edge for sports bettors. Typically, these movements are influenced by large-scale bets placed by institutional investors. Identifying and following this activity can prove to be a highly lucrative approach.

  • Analyze the fluctuations in betting odds across various days at prominent sports betting establishments
  • Respond promptly when the situation shifts in your favor
  • Utilize visual cues to enhance response time when handicapping games
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MLB historical betting line movements

Odds Comparison

Compare odds from multiple major sports books

Valuable insights can be gained from comparing odds offered by leading sports books. Each game we analyze provides the latest betting lines from major sportsbooks such as Pinnacle, DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and others!

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NBA game odds comparison

Team Records and Stats

Check out the latest season's standings, statistics, and direct match outcomes

Analyzing a team's statistics is an essential aspect of the handicapping procedure. Cappers enables you to swiftly assess a team's current season performance and their historical record against a particular adversary.

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MLB team records and stats comparison

Evaluate Public Betting Trends

Examine the correlation between the percentage of total money and the percentage of total bets in relation to Public Betting Trends models

Cappers compiles data on public betting patterns for point spread, money line, and over under bets, enabling you to contrast the sources of money (from professional bettors) with the volume of bets (from the general public).

  • Get suggestions for betting systems that consider the distribution of total money and total bets percentages
  • Gain insight into the preferences of seasoned gamblers by tracking the direction of the majority of the funds being wagered
  • Improve your betting strategy by gaining insight into the convergence and divergence of professional and amateur opinions, enabling wiser decision-making
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NFL public betting trends for point spread, money line, and over/under bets

Player Comparisons

Analyze the statistical performance of key players in each game by comparing their season and recent game data

In the realm of sports, specific roles hold significant influence over betting choices and the direction of play. For instance, the quarterback in football and the pitcher in baseball can greatly impact line movements and betting decisions. To assist in making informed betting choices, cappers gather crucial statistics on these key players and present them for consideration in your decision-making process.

  • View current–season stats for important players in a game
  • See how this player performed in their last outing
  • If this player has faced this opponent earlier this season, view results from that contest as well
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Stats for MLB probable pitchers in each game

Cappers Use Cases

Delivering top–notch handicapping resources for the major North American sports

NFL Handicapping

Cut down on the time spent digging into NFL statistics and crunching numbers. Access AI-driven analysis, expected value, and findings from various NFL betting systems instantly.

NBA Handicapping

Conduct thorough research and obtain AI-driven analysis, projected value, and immediate outcomes from reputable NBA betting systems. Evaluate the latest and long-term statistics for every team.

MLB Handicapping

Thoroughly research and analyze key team and player statistics in MLB to generate instant results from various betting systems. Utilize our AI analysis, expected value computations, and breakdown of public betting trends to make the most of your sports betting experience.

NHL Handicapping

Stop wasting time sorting through endless NHL statistics and streamline your hockey betting strategy. Access AI-driven analysis, calculate expected value, and receive immediate results from multiple NHL betting systems to enhance your research process.

NCAA Men's Basketball Handicapping

Improve your chances of winning in men's college basketball betting with our advanced AI analysis, anticipated results evaluations, and betting system predictions.

Who uses the Cappers application?

Institutional Sports Investors

Cappers streamlines the process for institutional investors by providing instant access to data, expected value, and betting system outcomes with just a single click.

Hobbyist Sports Gamblers

Individuals who enjoy sports betting but have grown weary of experiencing losses as a result of ill-informed choices have observed significant enhancements in their outcomes by utilizing our platform.

Handicapping Aficionados

The Cappers app offers a powerful set of tools to delve into the world of sports analytics and handicapping equations, making it an invaluable resource for those seeking to enhance their understanding of these key elements.

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Questions About Cappers?
We have Answers!

Cappers provides an extensive sports handicapping service, delivering AI analysis from ChatGPT, expected value calculations, public betting trends, line movement graphs, betting system outcomes, and additional resources to assist sports bettors in making well-informed choices.

Yes! Feel free to take a 3-day trial of our platform to make the most of its expected value calculations, AI analysis, data, and betting systems before making a purchase. If you decide to cancel within 3 days, you won't incur any charges.

Cappers leverages cutting-edge ChatGPT models to assess games and offer astute betting suggestions. Our process involves feeding the ChatGPT bot vital details about each team's performance in the current and past seasons, as well as factors such as injuries and weather forecasts. Using this data, the bot generates advice on point spread, money line, and over under bets.

No. Our subscribers enjoy unlimited access to all active sports, systems, and data at all times. There are no limits placed on your experience when you subscribe.

Cappers currently supports expected value calculations, AI analysis, public betting trends, line movement graphs, betting systems, and other tools for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA Men's Basketball handicapping.

Using Cappers you can save hours each week handicapping all your favorite sporting events.

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A screenshot of ChatGPT analysis for an NFL game